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If you’re an entrepreneur who’s ready to boost your career, elevate your online presence, and finally publish that book you’ve been thinking about, then join us for an intimate retreat + publishing mastermind adventure.

I bet that if you’re reading this you are committed to bringing your work, your gifts forward in an authentic way. You want to show up daily with passion and purpose. You want to work with the perfect clients and create amazing products or services, and you want to make money. You want a brand that lights you up with inspiration and a website that makes your visitors swoon with every visit.

The reality is that running your business can be incredibly challenging. On any given day there are 7,634 things you have to do. You are so busy working in your business that you never have the time, the tools, the support, or the systems to finish writing that book, to connect with your values and your vision for where you are headed.

We hear from our clients all the time that they are frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. They want a clear and consistent brand that best represents them, but they struggle with completing their writing, finding an editor, finding a publisher, and creating a website that feels authentic and aligned with their values while trying to build their author platform.

They want a professionally edited manuscript published with a quality publisher who will help coach them on their author platform. But they get lost in the sea of information, feeling overwhelmed by all the options.

Take a deep breath………There’s good news, dear friend. There is another way.

We are here to support you and your work. We want to walk you step-by-step in identifying your message, connecting to your vision, writing a manuscript that lights you up, publishing your dream book, and yes, designing a brand new website that truly reflects you and the spirit of your work. We believe that you can do this! And we can’t wait to join you on this entrepreneurial adventure.

Why should you join us?

Simple, this is the perfect way to complete your book professionally once and for all.

And not just any book. Not just a book with a pretty cover, but a book that is professionally edited, designed, printed, and marketed. A process that is completed in a way that supports the beauty of your work, and actually converts to sales. You’ll also learn the tools that will allow you to nurture your readership, allowing your business and your work to evolve. How empowering is that?

Plus you’ll be surrounded by a group of awesome, like-minded folks. People to connect with, to bounce ideas off of, to learn and laugh alongside each other. Trust us, you are going to make some amazing friends in this process. It won’t be all work and no play. It’ll be a deeply focused, fun, and spacious time together.

What’s Included

  • Eight weeks of online training to help you be ready for the retreat. The training includes understanding and developing your author platform, setting up your Amazon and PayPal accounts, how to gather book reviews, and the order of the parts of your book.

  • A retreat-member only Facebook Group which will help you connect with fellow authors coming to the retreat.

  • A pre-retreat one on one meeting with our editor Annalisa to begin the process of preparing your book for editing.

  • Two pre-retreat one on one meetings with our designer to discuss your book cover design options as well as your website details.

  • Recordings from your one on one meetings so you can refer back for guidance and inspiration.

  • Five wildly creative and productive one on one sessions at the retreat that will guide you in creating your amazing manuscript!

  • A super fun professional photo shoot at the retreat that will give you photos that you can use in your book promotions and even the back cover of the book!

  • Time and guidance at the retreat to help you record your book promo video that you can use on your new website!

  • The opportunity at the retreat to create a “lead magnet” that will draw your future clients to you.  We will show you how to create a video for this lead magnet that you can use on your new website!

  • A one on one session to develop your website and online presence (we even cover your hosting and domain name). Helping you build your author platform is important to us. We will focus quite a bit of our coaching around your author platform. And we’re keeping the group small so that we can really concentrate on meeting your needs.

  • A one on one session to help you create a personalized marketing plan. Your marketing plan will be very specific to your niche, your business, and your book. You will know exactly what to do once you leave the retreat.

  • 500 copies of your printed book! Not only will you receive 500 copies of your book, but we will guide you on how you can pre-sell those copies before you even get them from the printer.

  • A thumb drive with all your files! With some publishers, getting your files is like pulling hen’s teeth. Not with us! As soon as your project is completed, we will mail you a thumb drive filled with your final manuscript, a pdf of your book, a pdf of your cover, your ebook files, and your photo shoot images. We’ll even include a backup of your website!

  • Yes, your accommodations are included.

  • Yes, your meals are included.

What’s not included:

  • Your roundtrip airfare. You should plan to arrive on Sunday, August 6th as we start at 5:00pm Sunday evening. We will finish at 12:00 on Saturday, August 12th so please plan your flight around this.

Retreat Location

West Dover, Vermont

Perfectly positioned less than two miles north of the base of Mount Snow, this expansive property is ideal for skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, golfers, and all lovers of Vermont’s Green Mountains. We’ll be four miles north of shops and restaurants in West Dover, four miles north of the Mount Snow Golf Course, and 13 miles south of Stratton Mountain Resort.

We will have six individual town-homes, creating a wonderful retreat for our entire group. We’ll enjoy both privacy and togetherness in the cozy living spaces, which include a total of 20 bedrooms, two lofts, 13 full bathrooms, three half-baths, and several game rooms with pool tables, as well as a hot tub.




Annalisa has a great knack for getting the best out of you and getting you to write better and faster than you thought possible. I’m looking forward to working with her to get my next book out the door, so I can book even more great gigs. – Robert Bradford

Center for Simplified Strategic Planning Speaker,
National Speakers Association Member
Author of the Best-Seller Simplified Strategic Planning:
a No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast!


Annalisa is a wonderful guide and teacher for those on the writing path. Her extensive knowledge of the written word, her grace in providing incredibly detailed feedback is impressive and inspiring. She has real insight into your voice as a writer and is such an asset when you’re in the midst of the forest and can’t quite see your way out of the project. I can’t wait to take another workshop with her.” – Daintry Jensen, Author of THE HIDDEN FOREST





What is the registration process?

Click the button on the left (or just above if you are on a phone). After you book a registration call and fill out the client intake form (and we do a happy dance), you’ll get an email that includes details about our call together. During that call, we will help you get clear on where you are with your writing and where you want to be. The call will help us know how we can best support you. This part will be valuable for both of us!

Why are we scheduling the Retreats for a week instead of a weekend?

We had actually originally thought in terms of a weekend. We keep our groups small – less than 20 people. But we have found that there is really a lot to cover in the time we have together and it takes a full 5 days to get it all completed. When you consider what is included (editing, cover design, photo shoot, promotional video, custom-made website design, and additional training on author platform and business structure) there is no way to squeeze it into fewer days. In fact, there is so much that we decided to start you 8 weeks before the retreat with online training and a special Facebook Group!

I don’t have time for the retreat. Can you still help me?

Our retreat offers such synergy that we hate that some cannot go through the whole process; however, we do understand that the retreat doesn’t work well for everyone’s schedule. If you are still interested in the process without the retreat, go ahead and book a call with us. We do offer a similar package without the retreat included.

Do you offer financing or a payment plan?

During our registration call, we can discuss our payment plan options. While we do not offer financing, we do have payment plans, early bird pricing, and full payment discounts.

What is the cancellation policy?

There are no refunds for the Laurel Elite Books Retreat. We deeply appreciate your careful consideration in registering. We trust that you’ve carefully reviewed everything from your schedule to your finances to ensure that you can fully commit yourself to the Laurel Elite Books Retreat.

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Additional questions?

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us below.


We are dreamers, doers, creatives, coaches, planners, highly productive and proud women. When we met, we were astounded by how well our gifts and abilities complemented each other! We saw a need to help other creative entrepreneurs connect to their authentic voice, craft their book that results in sales, and create a brand and website that appeals to their ideal client. We all want a pretty website and a beautiful book but at the end of the day it needs to work for you, your customers and business goals. And that, my friend, is what we’re great at doing. We’re so excited by the idea of getting to know you and spending a wildly fun and focused week crafting your dream.


Annalisa Parent teaches writing workshops across the country. She is the editor of Chair & Pen: Musings on Writing and the Writing Life, and an Undergraduate and Graduate Professor of English at Norwich University.

A magna cum laude graduate of Middlebury College’s English Department & Creative Writing program, Parent studied writing under Julia Alvarez and Jay Parini. She likes to joke that she’s been writing stories since she could hold a crayon. Her first poem was published when she was 10 years old, and she was selected to read it aloud at a ceremony in the state house of her home state of New Hampshire. Suffice it to say that from a young age, writing had her hooked.

She writes for many local, national, and international publications, has written and produced sketches for a Telly-Award winning television show, has co-written a novel, and has a solo women’s fiction series and a book on writing that will be released later this year. She is a firm believer in the Oxford Comma, but will defer to style guidelines when necessary.

Annalisa has been featured on Huffington Post Live for her novels, CBS, Associated Press and Korean Broadcast Systems, as well as many podcasts and radio programs. She is a featured speaker at the Writer’s Digest Annual Convention, and the upcoming Unicorn Writers’ Conference.